Four creative life hackers for moving sofas

Sofa beds are great ideas for holding short-term guests. The resilient, stringy support under a thin layer of padding is the perfect compromise for foreign siblings and visitors who may be tempted to overwhelm their welcome. It’s almost like offering a real bed, but you know their aching back will be a reminder to get a real job or hit the road. The biggest disadvantage of this piece of furniture is when it’s time to move into a new apartment or house. The compact inner beds make sofa beds about the same and manoeuvrable as other refrigerators. If you live on the second floor, you can just as easily try to maneuver a force around the corner in the stairwell. When it’s time to move on, think about these life-threatening incidents.


Cheap furniture is a hot item on Craigslist, especially when local students move back to town. If you do not fully devote yourself to the fabric and style of your current piece, it should be easy to get a replacement. If you move often, it may be better to get a futon, which offers much of the same versatility at less than half the weight.

“Forget it

If your agreements with the landlord have largely been verbal, and if you have already collected your deposit, it may be possible to get away with just leaving the matter behind. Unless the next resident is very careful with decor, they will be able to use the thing somewhere. If you are not the passive-aggressive type, you can talk directly to the landlord. Point out that the property could then be listed as “partially furnished”, which would attract more interest from potential residents.

An axe

This should probably not be “plan A”, but disposing of sofa beds will be much easier after they have been reduced to smaller pieces. Since very few models are held together by screws, it is likely that a more destructive strategy is necessary. The ideal tool depends on the component you are currently disassembling. A saw would also work for the wooden frame and support, but an ax felt infinitely more cathartic. Be careful not to swing all types of tools against the padding or the spring-loaded bed.

Lighter fluid

Once the parts have been dismantled and transported outside, they can still take up too much space for waste collection. Those who live in the countryside often have to burn a certain amount of farm waste and other rubbish. Depending on your personal history with sofas, this may be an opportunity to give that treatment to either a witch or a Viking king. In any case, be careful with the laws in your area, to burn a large piece of furniture is generally illegal within the city limits.

Although this piece of furniture was much loved in your household, it is important to appreciate the incredible difficulty of moving such a bulky and awkward animal. Although the size may not seem significant, the folding metal bed adds a lot of weight. Rookie movers can also angle in the wrong direction through doorways, which can lead to the whole thing developing at unforeseen times. Think carefully about taking advantage of these life hacks.

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