Cheap Morso stoves

As Morso stoves become more and more popular in the UK, many are now looking for cheap Morso stoves that they may have installed in their homes almost immediately. While the term “cheap Morso cooker” will mean a different budget for different people, it is interesting to learn that the cheapest Morso oven currently goes for just over £ 800. Therefore, the vast majority of people in the UK, even if the installation costs are taken into account, are likely to have options when looking at wood burning and the market for flange-driven stoves.

Morso squirrel assortment

The Morso Squirrel cooker includes the so-called “cheaper Morso stoves” which include 1410, 1412, 1430, 1435 and 1442 with a variety of other Morso Squirrel stoves currently awaiting DEFRA approval. The Squirrel range has been by far the most popular in the Morso portfolio and the company has recently announced new stoves in this area. As DEFRA approval becomes more and more relevant to people around the UK, the choice of Morso stoves continues to expand.

Morso Dove range

The Morso Dove range currently consists of two stoves in the form of 1631 and 1630, both of which are pure heating products. 1630 is currently available at around £ 1726 with around 1631 at around £ 1829. Although these are slightly more expensive than those in the Squirrel series, they take into account the latest wood and multi-consumption technology with a very superior heating effect.

Morso Panther range

Stoves 2110 and 2145 make up the Morso Panther series, which goes anywhere from just over £ 1500 to just under £ 2000. Like the Morso Dove series, the Morso Panther stoves incorporate the latest clean heating technology and prove to be very popular. The heating power of these models is about 9 kW, which is more than enough to heat the average room in the UK.

Morso Badger range

The range of Morso Badger stoves is somewhat limited with 3112 and 3142 trading anywhere from £ 1152 to £ 1386. The heat production on this specific set extends around 5 kW and is comparable to many in Morso Squirrel. Although not as popular as the Morso Squirrel, there’s no doubt that Badger has made an impression on the UK cookery market.

Morso Owl range

The Morso Owl series includes three different stoves, all of which are DEFRA-approved and basically the same body with different options. The available Morso Owl stoves include 3410, 3420 and 3440 which all incorporate the latest clean heating technology. Prices range from around £ 1600 to over £ 1800 and are well within the budget of many UK consumers.

Morso Viking range

The Morso Viking series is a relatively small portfolio at the moment that only includes the Morso 7110 stove which has an emblem side. As with so many of the newest stoves available today, it also comes with an optional outdoor air kit that allows the consumer to follow current building regulations and also install the stove for best efficiency.

Morso 0-assortment

The Morso 0 range includes DEFRA-approved Morso 04 and Morso 06 and Morso 08 that are not yet DEFRA-approved. The price of the stoves ranges from just over 1,000 pounds for Morso 04 to just under 1600 pounds for Morso 08. The kilowatt production on this specific stove set ranges from 5 kW to over 9 kW with the larger Morso 08.

Additional Morso stoves

While many Morso stoves have a specific brand, there are also others that are standalone such as the 3600 series, 6100 series, insert stoves, 8100 series, 5400 series, S series and 7600 stoves that all offer a variety of different styles, heat output and efficiency.


When you take into account the full range of Morso stoves available, they really meet all the requirements of the vast majority of UK consumers. There are stoves at relatively low prices, stoves that offer relatively low heating power, attractive efficiency ratings and stoves for every room size. The company has also concentrated on DEFRA approval for a range of Morso stoves that are now starting to bear fruit in the UK as the government looks to increase the number of smoke-controlled areas.

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