Things to keep in mind when buying a wattmeter

Are you planning to buy a wattmeter?

If your answer is in the affirmative, there are things you need to know before making your purchase decision – such as the basic features and the different types of watt meters available on the market.

For an outlander, a wattmeter is an electrical power measuring instrument used to measure Watt1 for all AC circuits. There are hordes of wattmeters covering the market – from Heathkit, Collins, Swan, Drake and New Viking – to MFJ, Diawa, Vectronics, Autek, Coaxial Dynamics, Palstar, Bird and Kenwood. Almost all of these manufacturers say that theirs is accurate on the frequency, while giving the highest reading. What is the real story, let’s find out. Types of Wattmeter Before you narrow down your choice of a standard wattmeter, you may want to explore the different types of wattmeters available on the market today.

1. Electrodynamics Wattmeter This wattmeter is one of the oldest and most used for measuring electrical power in AC circuits. It consists of a pair of fixed or current coils and a movable coil called a potential coil. The current coil is placed in series, while the potential coil or the moving coil is placed in parallel. Such an arrangement enables rotation of the potential coil at a limited angle, to an axis perpendicular to the fixed coils. In addition, a needle is placed in the wattmeter to indicate electric power.

2. Electronic Wattmeter This instrument is used to measure power at frequencies across the Electrodynamics Wattmeter. It is further divided into vacuum tubes and digital wattmeter, depending on the functions and functions performed by the wattmeter.

3. Vacuum tubes Due to their traditional design, this instrument can measure electrical power in the non-linear range of mains voltage and flat current curves.

4. Digital Wattmeter This simple yet optically isolated wattmeter is used to make accurate measurements of “real” power consumption, despite the presence of large reactive and DC components in the current drawn by the monitored load.

So there, now that you know about the different types of wattmeter, here are some tips to help your purchasing decision while buying a wattmeter from a reputable manufacturer.

o If you are planning to buy a wattmeter from manufacturers such as Coaxial Dynamics or Bird Electronic Corporation, it may be worth knowing that their “accuracy rating” of + or – 5% of full scale when the needle is between the scale is correct.

o If you want a measuring instrument that provides protection against the reverse damping effect, go for a cheap Putt-Putt wattmeter with cross pin.

o To measure the power of an individual appliance or at a specific outlet, use the plug-in wattmeter. This instrument can be used extensively around your office or computer room to test the usability of an outlet and the power consumption of electronic items connected to it. Plug-in wattmeters can detect damaged electronics or poor electrical wiring by calculating the power flow through a single outlet. One of the simplest and easiest-to-use wattmeters in this category includes the Kill-A-Watt EZ from PowerMeterStore.

o Professional quality portable wattmeters such as Test Equipment Depot and Bird Model 5000-EX digital wattmeter meet the needs of on-site “troubleshooting” for electricians, electrical repair crews and system troubleshooters.

o To keep up with your electricity bills, you use digital wattmeters that evaluate the total energy consumption of an electricity system. These instruments have readings that show where and how power is consumed. Some advanced models also allow the power monitor to make small changes in the electric power flow. Digital wattmeters like Energy Detective and EIG Shark 100 are quite furious in the market. The former is used to monitor a home office or a small business, while the latter is used for more robust applications, such as large companies or IT rooms.

o Digital frequencies (RF) wattmeters such as the Thomas Scherrer OZ2CPU are used to measure accurate RF power and gain in amplifiers, bandwidth in filters, transmitter power, Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) and loss.

o Some wattmeters such as Palstars PM2000A have a dual motion meter system that measures and shows forward as well as reflected electric power.

Finally, whatever decision you make, remember that wattmeters play an important role in the maintenance of large electrical systems. By measuring the total power of the system, these instruments act as one of the first lines of defense against electronic wear. How you use the instrument is also an important factor when deciding what type of wattmeter you need.


Advanced Daily Fantasy Football Lineup Building

General strategy

Matchups – As is the case in all fantasy sports, matchups will be very important if not the most important factor. Football is such a team-oriented game, that you have to look at how teams match each other as well as individuals. Last year, for example, you would not want to pick a QB or a WR against the Seahawks at all because they only allowed 186 yards per game and only allowed 17 TDs all year. Even if it’s Aaron Rodgers or Odell Beckham, it’s likely they will not meet their value. Then, for individual matchups say you have a WR going against the Arizona Cardinals. They were 29th in football with 4152 meters allowed so they are an important matchup to choose guys against. But they have Patrick Peterson who will probably be the No. 1 guy, so if you have the Packers against them, Randall Cobb can be a better game than Jordy Nelson even as No. 2. The same goes for all positions, you want to make sure you get the most value for your players, and there are lots of statistics that you can look at to make sure you pick the right guys.

Blowout Factor – It does not happen as often as you say in basketball, but it is still very important to watch when building a team. The first thing you need to do is look at the Vegas line and see how they look at the game because they often have a good idea of ​​how a game will play. Anything over 10 points in my opinion is a game you must be very tired of. Of course, if the Broncos beat the Jaguars 35-0 after the 3rd quarter, someone has to score all those points. The thing is, though, that you only maximize 75% of the game with them and are long-term and lose valuable points. In football, the game is limited to begin with, with teams running only 64 games per game. In that scenario, you lose 16 gigs and even if it is halfway through the fourth, you lose 8-10 gigs per match. The other beliefs like the other packs are at the top of the list, and this is where you will find the most valuable players. Common sense says that the more games you run, the greater the chance of getting points and will get more points with all these chances.

Weather – Just like baseball, and unlike basketball, the weather is a huge factor for football. Since they play from the end of summer, through the winter, you have to deal with the hot and cold weather, snow and rain and all kinds of wind that can appear. Now the usual recipients of the weather happen to be team defense and running backs because teams do not pass the ball at all. This is something that some people do not take 5 seconds to look at and stop costing them. I mean again it may seem like common sense, but if there are 25 MPH winds in a game, why would you risk taking a QB when you know the throws will be much harder. Always take the time to check the weather before forming a team as you can easily cause players to lose value as they do not get in touch with the bad weather.

Injuries – Football is again like baseball where the injury report comes out long before the game. The active / inactive list is usually due 1.5 hours before the game so you know if a guy will play or not. How much he plays can now be in doubt, why it is important to keep track of the guys throughout the week to see if they have trained and how they are doing. Even if a guy is active, but not trained on Thursday (last training day of the week), he is at risk of not playing much to begin with or that his injury appears during the game and sidelines him. It’s also a good idea if guys are injured as usual to target their replacements, or guys who are under them in hacking order. I like examples so a good example was when Roddy White was injured last year, Harry Douglas got a big bolt in production because he became No. 2 receiver and saw many more goals than he normally would. On the other hand, say Joe Haden is after the Cleveland Browns. They may have had the eighth best fitting defense at 225 meters per game, but if Haden goes down it will probably change. Corner No. 2 will protect the No. 1 receiver and No. 3 will protect the No. 2 receiver, which is obviously ideal for the offense. The weather also plays a big factor for kickers as it is not recommended to pick guys in rainy or snowy conditions or places with a lot of wind. This is often what Sunday mornings are all about, and with so many people on Twitter now, it’s not that hard to find out about damage news.

Tournament (GPP) vs. Cash Game (50 / 50’s & H2H) Players – This may seem a bit vague, but it is something that must be seen when forming a team. For cash games, you will choose players who have high floors and who are consistent week to week for the most part. It does not matter if it is a popular player because you only aim to hit half the field and it is not a big deal if he is highly owned. In a tournament, you try to target guys who will not be highly owned unless it is a must play guy. The reasoning is because tournaments are more risky to begin with and you have to beat 80% of the people. Even in tournaments you want to win and not my money. The way to win is to choose guys who are not very owned and do really well. This usually means going towards the most popular matches of the day. Sometimes there is the one who has to play guy, and that’s good, but fill him with less popular guys. The goal is for a guy who is owned to less than 5% to do really well, because then the number of people you compete against decreases. It’s just for tournament play because the low owned guys are not chosen for a reason because they are superstreaky. This generally leads to more even spending for Cash Games and spending big and lower for tournaments.

Stacking versus not stacking – Stacking in football I think is a bit risky and should only be used in GPP way. Stacking in football is where you choose the WRs or TE with the QB you take. Baseball and basketball are much more individual sports not to say that there is no teamwork but A WR depends entirely on QB to get him the ball and QB needs WR open to get him the ball. Now this can pay huge dividends if say that Peyton Manning has 4 TDs and you have Demaryious and Emmanuel Sanders and they caught 3 of touchdowns then you are golden. For cash games, however, you put too many eggs in one basket and if QB stinks, you are basically ready for the week. This is a risky strategy, but under the right circumstances it can be profitable for someone in a big tournament.

How many teams will play? – Now this will depend on your bankroll (check out the article on bankroll management if you ever want to learn more about it), and how much time you are willing to put in. Normally you want 1 cash game team your favorite and then have several entries / teams in tournaments. Now to begin with, you can say 5 1 dollar teams instead of 1 team in a tournament.

Sure, you can be lucky with a team and get huge money, but your odds are obviously better if you have more teams with more players covered. Many people target a certain number of players at each position as 3 QBs they like and 5-6 RBs and they will merge them into their teams so that they have many of the combinations they cover. When you get more money, you can start participating in more teams in tournaments or go up in stakes, but this seems to be a strategy for many of the pros. But cash games, many people have 1 or maybe two teams because you hope your team will either do it in all of them, or it will probably not do it in everyone there in a tournament you can have 4 teams do not but have a team that compensates for the others 4.

Positions and where to spend

Quarterback – For cash games to spend big money on QB is fine, but for GPPs unless the matchup is too much to go, it’s usually not the best move. The best guys are usually quite consistent which is that they are better for cash games, but they do not give as much upside as a WR or RB. Since they are only 4 points for a TD and 1 point per 25 yards (0.04 yards per yard) as a general rule, it is difficult for a QB to get to WR or RB who got 2 TDs and gets 100+ yards. Also with DFS who often integrate PPR into their scores which simply gives them an advantage. The big guys like Brady, Rodgers, Payton, Luck are never bad games because they always give you consistent points, but it is their supportive role that usually reaps more from the reward. For QBs, be sure to look at the defense secondary as you go towards as well as the weather as no QB likes to throw with a lot of wind.

Running Backs – RBs and WRs are generally the area to spend a lot of money on as they have the most potential to get lots of points. It may seem obvious but will want to avoid teams that either have a # 2 guy who gets a lot of touch, or B loses the finish line in an FB type. Even when I choose an Adrian Peterson type, it’s never a bad thing, I like that my RBs should be able to capture the backfield. Normally it is.5 PPR and you get all the passing yards too which makes a guy like Le’veon Bell so valuable that he gets so many features. Usually, you do not want to pick an RB in a team you think may be down by quite a bit in the fourth quarter. Teams that are down will throw to save time and you will lose on valuable points in these scenarios. The durability of RBs is so small that there is usually damage, so most weeks there are backups that can be obtained for cheap that can provide good value.

Wide receivers – this is the place where I love to spend my money because it’s so dependent on them opening and QB getting the ball. At least with a lower price QB, or lower price RB, they are guaranteed to get touch / opportunities, while WRs really are not guaranteed much. Focusing on low-end guys with good QBs is never a bad idea because they can make them want the ball, like Cole Beasley for example. I also love getting guys who get a lot of cash game goals, ( has this available), because you get 5 or 1 PPR for every time they catch it, plus all the yards and touchdowns to go with it. So a guy like Andrew Hawkins is a good game because he was targeted 17.1% of the time last year. Part of that is the lack of weapons, but he gets good opportunities to do well. Then you can really target at home like Odell Beckham or Julio Jones because they can get points in big groups and by saving on the other positions you can get the guys who can really make or break a team. This is also a position that has many players of GPP and Cash games. For example, Desean Jackson is a great tournament game because he can get lots of points because he is a flight path receiver who can reach the value of a catch. The problem is, if he does not get that prisoner, he will probably not meet his value. Overall, I’m where I want to spend the money and try to look for guys who are cheaper with good matchups in the other positions.

Tight Ends – This is a position where I feel that you usually spend a lot on an elite type like Graham, Gronk or Julius Thomas, or you go with a matchup-based game. Sure, there will be the middle of the pack guys who do well, but say you can pick Jared Cook for a cheap price against the Chicago Bears who allowed 10.52 fantasy points per game for TEs. Now that’s something to look for. each position but TE is simply not as consistent as other positions in my opinion. Also look for target groups on teams that get into the red zone a lot. Most TEs will not break super long gigs because they do not have the speed, so you are looking for the 5-20 yard TDs from them. Now most of these guys are on better offenses, so they’s more expensive, but look for defenses that give up a lot of gardens and those that have LBs struggling to cover.

Kickers – There is not much to say about kickers other than that it is very lucky most of the time. Sure, there are guys who are more accurate and can start it up longer, but they are completely dependent on the crime. I usually try to choose guys who play in domes because there is no weather, or choose those who have good crimes because they are constantly entering the FG range. The good thing is that most of the kicks are very similar in price, so even the better ones are not too much more than the “shit”.

Defense – Team defense I think is more of a matchup-based area and not a position that I recommend spending a lot of money on especially for GPPs. The Seahawks or any other top defense / special team is never a bad game, but I always target defenses that play bad offense. This is usually led by a QB who turns the ball a lot, gets looted a lot or has a WR who can not open. Players who are exposed to turnover will turn it around no matter who they play, even if they have a little more success overall. So you focus on a team against say the Jets who have Geno Smith who throws a lot of interceptions, or picks a team against the Vikings because they give up lots of sacks. You need to look and see where you can take advantage of matches as they play good value here every week, even if the price difference between the top end and low final team is not as big as other positions.


The history of the Hagström guitar

Hagström is perhaps the only well-known guitar company to come from Sweden. The manufacturer was started by Albin Hagstrom in the 1920s and imported German accordions, as electric guitars were not yet available. In 1932 they started making their own accordions. In 1958, the company produced its first electricity. All of these were covered with glittering celluloid, which was previously used in accordion.

Most of the original models were quite traditional in shape, either with an equally double-cutaway style or a rounded Les Paul shape. Most came with four single coils in a position that made them look like humbuckers. Some models also had a white pearl neck and a clear Perspex keyboard. Hagström-built vibrato units were optional on most models.

The guitars also used to have a dizzying range of rollers and push button selectors to split the pickups and change the sounds. The guitars were extravagant and did not meet with much success initially. Players preferred the simplicity of the relatively uncomplicated American instruments from Fender and Gibson, rather than the glorious finishes and complicated controls offered by European brands such as Hagstrom, Eko, Hofner and the huge range of Japanese manufacturers.

Hagström recognized this and introduced more traditional and more attractive guitars. These included the Swede, a Les Paul-shaped guitar, Viking, a semi-acoustic to be used by Frank Zappa and his son Dweezil, more than 30 years later, and the SG-inspired I, II and III models, to sales now as F-200.

Unfortunately, this was not enough to save the company, and in the wake of increased competition from the ever-growing Japanese manufacturers, Hagstrom closed in 1983.

In 2004, however, the company was opened by Tricor AB, which now also distributes the guitars. They are manufactured in a dedicated Chinese factory and sell for around 200-750 GBP. The reissues are based on the guitars made after Hagström stopped the production of lurid-finish in 1958 in the early 1960s, ie mainly the Swedish, F-200 and Viking, although with some new models introduced, and new versions of the classic design .

Original Hagström has a huge cult due to their rarity and originality, to the extent that there is a Hagström festival in Sweden for the first days of every June. For their dead hard fans, it’s great to see this old make back in action.


Travel to Thailand – 8 places to start your Thailand vacation

Bangkok the big mango

Bangkok is the ideal starting point for all Thai vacations and countless monstrous shopping malls and hundreds of clubs will keep you busy forever. The tourist sights around the castle will be done on a weekend and if shopping is not your thing, Bangkok has exits in all directions for very cheap prices by plane, bus or train. It is also the home of Khosan Roads, the mysterious street that is the great starting point for any person who wants to be called a real backpacker in Asia. You will feel at home with the joy of backpackers like Star Bucks and Mac D who moved in a few years ago.

Pattaya the black pearl on the east coast of Thailand

Pattaya, discovered by the Americans during the Southeast Asian War, built by sun-hungry men from Britain in the 1980s, was invaded by Vikings in 1990 and fell asleep until around 2000 when the Arab invasion started but was stopped by Russia taking over in 2006. People come to Pattaya to live , play golf, to visit the many girls’ bars but they will not swim in the sea. Pattaya is not an ideal family vacation destination, but the Thai family still flocks to her on big weekends to sit under huge umbrellas with their cloth while playing cards and eating seafood.

Issan the forgotten kingdom

Not many tourists travel further north than Ayutthaya but more to the northeast is the forgotten tourist destination of Issan (essan). Issan is what many call the real Thailand and people from the northeast are the workhorses behind all the factories and rice farms in Thailand. On the big holidays, you can see Bangkok close by and the bus stations are filled with people trying to get back to the forgotten kingdom. For people who want to travel there not many tourists have traveled before this is the perfect place to start your exploration of Thailand. Most backpackers skipped northeastern Thailand and went straight for the northern parts so this is a hidden gem. You will not see many other white people besides the older settlers and their younger wife. Do not be surprised if some villages have never seen a white person and that you will see genuine Thai smiles and hospitality. You can travel by bus but the best way to travel is by car or motorcycle if you have the opportunity.

Samui island rebel outpost

Samui was originally a large farm for coconuts but most of them have been cut down or died of a disease and nothing is being done to save them. Now Samui in southern Thailand is a place for backpackers who could not leave Thailand because they did not want to back their suite job. They also could not get enough trance music coming from the island of Koh-Phangan. The former backpackers have set up spas, yoga centers, cologne centers, wellness centers and just feel happy because I smoke in a lot of weed centers. Samui has real pristine beaches and bungalows by the sea and during the wet season floods the entire center. You can compare it a bit with Christiania in Denmark because the motorcycle groups also found their way here, it’s just more sunny.

Phuket Andaman Pearl

Phuket is the starting point for every island hopping trip in southern Thailand and many low cost airlines fly here every day from all over the world. It is home to many expats and you will find the most ridiculous prices ever for a house on this island. Phuket is a perfect holiday reservation for everyone as it has nightlife, clean beaches and cheap hotels if you are looking for it. Phuket has never really recovered from the 2004 tsunami and the many hotels are empty most of the low season and real finds can be found.

Krabi island kingdom

Who can forget the old James Bond movie “Gold Finger” and the hidden island near Krabi in southern Thailand? If you want beaches, exploring underwater and quiet nightlife, Krabi is the place to go. It is also the place where people go for climbing. Krabi has many spectacular five star resorts where the beach really belongs to you and not many tourists bother to travel down here.

Chiang Mai, northern kingdom

It does not matter how you spell it Chiang Mai, Chiangmai, Cheng Mai or Cheang Mai it is still the capital of northern Thailand. Many artists and cultural figures from both Thailand and abroad have built homes here and they create a unique atmosphere in the northern part of Thailand. If you want to travel further north and visit the Thai tribes, Chiang Mai is your starting point. The city has lost some of its charm to traffic jams and forest fires, but during the cold season, Thais travel so they can try on the glow and winter clothes they bought in Bangkok. If you want to buy cheap Thai style furniture imported from Burma, this is the place to play.

Hua Hin the new charter Paradise

Thai people think of Hua Hin as a place with high society and like to travel there by car and stay in fantastic hotels and visit expansive spas. The sea side is best known because it is where the King of Thailand as his summer lot. The tourists who come here are mostly charters and Hua Hin is perfect for families although it is a bit difficult to get there. The beach stretches forever and always they play elephant polo here.


Advantages and disadvantages of sewing machines

From basic budget to modern wonders, the pursuit of the most indispensable of sewing tools.

Sewing is so different from what it used to be, and it is the machines on the market today. With so many different sewing machines, shopping for one can be daunting.

The following list of machines is worth a test run, which divides them by the level of sewing, the type of sewing they are suitable for and the advantages and disadvantages of each category. Use that as a starting point in your search and then go to your local dealer to try them out in person. The only way you know which machine is right for you.

START machines; There are no frills, sewing machines. Most will include automatic buttonhole features and a basic selection of tool stitches. Some are electronic rather than computerized, with buttons or buttons for machine settings rather than touch screens. These machines are basically for beginning sewers, children and anyone planning to do just basic garment designs, repairs or home furnishings and craft projects.

ADVANTAGES; easy to use, affordable and capable of handling quality clothing and decorating projects.

CONS; decorative seams are limited or non-existent. The voltage cannot be set automatically. Buttonholes may require manual manipulation.

SUGGESTED MACHINES ARE; Singer Feather weight 11; Brother NX-200; Elnas Debut 2110 or 2130; Euro-Pro: s Intelli-Sew; Bernetta from Bernina; Husqvarna Viking’s Scandenavia 100

MEASUREMENTS FOR HIGHLY MACHINE; These machines are performance-oriented machines focused on garments and local sewing. They handle a variety of projects and fabrics with ease. Some are electronic, but others are computerized. They have a wide range of tool stitches, automatic tension settings, self-tapping and several automatic buttonhole settings. Some have built-in decorative seams for decoration. These machines are intended for serious sewers that focus on clothing manufacturing, tailoring and interior design projects.
flights trivago
ADVANTAGES; touch screens or electrical settings take care of the voltage setting and indicate the correct stitch length and presser foot. Multiple automatic buttonhole settings and styles, precision control of sewing speed, better handling of fabrics and hundreds of built-in tool stitches and decorative stitches. Instruction manuals are stored in the machine’s memory and can be accessed from the LCD screen.

CONS; more expensive than basic models. The wide range of features and options can scare those who are not comfortable with computerized features. These can be corrected with practice and lessons from the dealer.

RECOMMENDED MODELS; Singer Quantum 9940; Brother’s NX-600 Janome’s Memory craft 6500; Elna Quilters Dream Ultra 6003 QT

COMBINATION SEWING / EMBROIDERY MACHINES; These high-tech machines offer the best of both worlds. You can sew up garments, home furnishings and accessories to your heart’s content. They have a presser foot and clamp to the embroidery bracket to decorate our designs with professional embroidery. The constructions are built into the machine’s memory, delivered on flash cards or similar devices. Some models allow you to download patterns directly from the Internet to the machine via a USB port.

PROS; offers almost unlimited creative decorating potential.

CONS; These machines are expensive, but as technologies evolve, manufacturers introduce lower prices that offer many of the same features as advanced machines.

RECOMMENDED MODELS; Singer Quantum Futura; Brother’s Innov is 4000D; Janome’s Memory Craft 10001; Berninas Artista 200E; Artista 185 Quilters Embroidery Edition

EMBROIDERY-ONLY MACHINES; These machines are dedicated to machine embroidery. These machines are mostly for someone who is starting a custom embroidery business, craftsmen who are interested in decorating read objects.

ADVANTAGES; Because embroidery is their only function, these machines show design more efficiently. Higher speeds than sewing machines in combination.

CONS; You can not sew on these machines.

RECOMMENDED MODELS; Brother PR-600; Babylocks brother professional; Berninas Deco330.

Now you are ready to go to your local dealer and try some of the machines before you buy.
Passwords are by definition private, but they are often difficult to keep, and there is a bustling industry that protects your passwords and thus your data from prying eyes. However, there are times when you want to share your password with a close friend or family member who needs to sign in to one of your private accounts.
One thing you never have to do is make passwords simple and easy to remember because it’s a simple hacker bait. Using unique passwords and turning them off over time is a good way to protect your data. Never reuse passwords. With that in mind, you need to be prepared to share complex passwords in the most secure way, whether it’s for your bank account or your Netflix subscription.

Sending a password via email is risky, and many people don’t feel comfortable sending sensitive information, even using an encrypted iMessage messaging service. When it comes to leaving a phone message or sharing orally, these methods have their potential problems. There is another simple way to share passwords: AirDrop. We’ll show you how to do it on iOS 13, although you can also do it on iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave or later. Note that iOS doesn’t allow passwords to be saved in a screenshot, so you can’t share them this way.


Four creative life hackers for moving sofas

Sofa beds are great ideas for holding short-term guests. The resilient, stringy support under a thin layer of padding is the perfect compromise for foreign siblings and visitors who may be tempted to overwhelm their welcome. It’s almost like offering a real bed, but you know their aching back will be a reminder to get a real job or hit the road. The biggest disadvantage of this piece of furniture is when it’s time to move into a new apartment or house. The compact inner beds make sofa beds about the same and manoeuvrable as other refrigerators. If you live on the second floor, you can just as easily try to maneuver a force around the corner in the stairwell. When it’s time to move on, think about these life-threatening incidents.


Cheap furniture is a hot item on Craigslist, especially when local students move back to town. If you do not fully devote yourself to the fabric and style of your current piece, it should be easy to get a replacement. If you move often, it may be better to get a futon, which offers much of the same versatility at less than half the weight.

“Forget it

If your agreements with the landlord have largely been verbal, and if you have already collected your deposit, it may be possible to get away with just leaving the matter behind. Unless the next resident is very careful with decor, they will be able to use the thing somewhere. If you are not the passive-aggressive type, you can talk directly to the landlord. Point out that the property could then be listed as “partially furnished”, which would attract more interest from potential residents.

An axe

This should probably not be “plan A”, but disposing of sofa beds will be much easier after they have been reduced to smaller pieces. Since very few models are held together by screws, it is likely that a more destructive strategy is necessary. The ideal tool depends on the component you are currently disassembling. A saw would also work for the wooden frame and support, but an ax felt infinitely more cathartic. Be careful not to swing all types of tools against the padding or the spring-loaded bed.

Lighter fluid

Once the parts have been dismantled and transported outside, they can still take up too much space for waste collection. Those who live in the countryside often have to burn a certain amount of farm waste and other rubbish. Depending on your personal history with sofas, this may be an opportunity to give that treatment to either a witch or a Viking king. In any case, be careful with the laws in your area, to burn a large piece of furniture is generally illegal within the city limits.

Although this piece of furniture was much loved in your household, it is important to appreciate the incredible difficulty of moving such a bulky and awkward animal. Although the size may not seem significant, the folding metal bed adds a lot of weight. Rookie movers can also angle in the wrong direction through doorways, which can lead to the whole thing developing at unforeseen times. Think carefully about taking advantage of these life hacks.


Common car insurance errors to avoid

1. No preparation

Before you rush to the market and ask for some quotes, prepare all the necessary information and write them down on a piece of paper. The information may contain personal information such as age, address with postcode, occupation, car model and year, etc. Some companies will even require credit scores and driving history information. Depending on where you live, please contact your local DMV for the minimum coverage required for each driver. It prevents you from buying the wrong coverage and wasting money. Deductibles also play an important role in determining your premium. High deductibility usually means a low premium fee and vice versa. You must prepare to answer the question before requesting quotes and make a proper comparison between them.

2. Do not compare quotes

Some of your friends probably recommend that you buy insurance from some companies. It may be a good idea as long as your friends have not had any problems with the premium, the claims process, customer service, etc. It is still unwise to choose insurance companies based solely on someone else’s recommendations. The best thing you can do is contact as many companies as you can and ask for quotes from each of them. Most insurance companies now allow you to request a quote online, and the whole process only takes 10 minutes or less. Use the printed version of the quotes to make an accurate and thorough comparison. The total cost of the estimate from company to company is more or less the same, but the small details can make a big difference that differentiates the bad and good insurers, such as discounts, payment method, the use of credit points to determine price, etc.

3. Leave discounts

All insurance companies have discounts for customers. There are many different discounts available including for driver, active military personnel, good student and safe driver. Discounts are provided for those who took defensive driving courses, package other types of insurance and more. The total price reduction with the discounts can be quite a significant saving. Eligibility requirements may vary from company to company, but you can always ask an agent questions. Try to make the necessary requirement to be qualified and save a lot of money.

4. Leave all concerns for captivity

One of the worse car insurance errors to avoid is using a jailbroken agent to decide and recommend what is best for you. Remember that the captive agent works for the insurance company and the agent will probably receive a commission for each sale. This leads the agent to strongly convince potential customers to buy insurance from a certain company that is also the agent’s employer. In most cases, the catcher’s opinion towards the insurer will be biased as the only motivation is to sell instead of the customer’s satisfaction. An independent agent is more reliable because he / she works for you, not any insurance company. The agent’s knowledge of insurance and all related issues can be helpful resources for you to consider everything before making a choice. An independent agent works for the benefit of the customers. Such an agent may cost you money, but you are free to negotiate the price of the services.

5. Payment in installments

In some cases, paying in installments is an easier way to manage your monthly expenses. But the total extra cost is probably too much compared to the paid in full option that the installment is not even worth the gap. There is also an administrative cost to split the payment. Pay if possible to save money. It may sound contrasting, but it really is the cheapest way to pay insurance premiums.

6. Not to choose a reputable carrier

Price is always an important factor when buying insurance. It is not a cheap cost, but you can make sure you put your money in the right place if you choose a reputable insurance company. The prices of insurance cover are competitive in the market and this leads to the insurance companies reducing the premium costs of staying in the competition. The bad thing is that some insurance companies offer very low price just to attract buyers without really emphasizing the quality of the services. To avoid buying from such an insurance company, you may want to take a look at the insurance companies’ ratings of independent researchers online like A.M. Best and J.D Power. They rate insurance companies based on many factors, such as financial strength (it shows a company’s ability to pay the claim, etc.), customer satisfaction (purchasing and claims experience) and more.

7. Does not update personal information

This is one of the common insurance errors to avoid. Your life changes over time. All information used by the insurance company affects the premium. You may also be entitled to certain discounts as the years go by. For example, you get married, have one of your children listed as a driver, you move to a new address, you have a new profession and so on.


Cheap Morso stoves

As Morso stoves become more and more popular in the UK, many are now looking for cheap Morso stoves that they may have installed in their homes almost immediately. While the term “cheap Morso cooker” will mean a different budget for different people, it is interesting to learn that the cheapest Morso oven currently goes for just over £ 800. Therefore, the vast majority of people in the UK, even if the installation costs are taken into account, are likely to have options when looking at wood burning and the market for flange-driven stoves.

Morso squirrel assortment

The Morso Squirrel cooker includes the so-called “cheaper Morso stoves” which include 1410, 1412, 1430, 1435 and 1442 with a variety of other Morso Squirrel stoves currently awaiting DEFRA approval. The Squirrel range has been by far the most popular in the Morso portfolio and the company has recently announced new stoves in this area. As DEFRA approval becomes more and more relevant to people around the UK, the choice of Morso stoves continues to expand.

Morso Dove range

The Morso Dove range currently consists of two stoves in the form of 1631 and 1630, both of which are pure heating products. 1630 is currently available at around £ 1726 with around 1631 at around £ 1829. Although these are slightly more expensive than those in the Squirrel series, they take into account the latest wood and multi-consumption technology with a very superior heating effect.

Morso Panther range

Stoves 2110 and 2145 make up the Morso Panther series, which goes anywhere from just over £ 1500 to just under £ 2000. Like the Morso Dove series, the Morso Panther stoves incorporate the latest clean heating technology and prove to be very popular. The heating power of these models is about 9 kW, which is more than enough to heat the average room in the UK.

Morso Badger range

The range of Morso Badger stoves is somewhat limited with 3112 and 3142 trading anywhere from £ 1152 to £ 1386. The heat production on this specific set extends around 5 kW and is comparable to many in Morso Squirrel. Although not as popular as the Morso Squirrel, there’s no doubt that Badger has made an impression on the UK cookery market.

Morso Owl range

The Morso Owl series includes three different stoves, all of which are DEFRA-approved and basically the same body with different options. The available Morso Owl stoves include 3410, 3420 and 3440 which all incorporate the latest clean heating technology. Prices range from around £ 1600 to over £ 1800 and are well within the budget of many UK consumers.

Morso Viking range

The Morso Viking series is a relatively small portfolio at the moment that only includes the Morso 7110 stove which has an emblem side. As with so many of the newest stoves available today, it also comes with an optional outdoor air kit that allows the consumer to follow current building regulations and also install the stove for best efficiency.

Morso 0-assortment

The Morso 0 range includes DEFRA-approved Morso 04 and Morso 06 and Morso 08 that are not yet DEFRA-approved. The price of the stoves ranges from just over 1,000 pounds for Morso 04 to just under 1600 pounds for Morso 08. The kilowatt production on this specific stove set ranges from 5 kW to over 9 kW with the larger Morso 08.

Additional Morso stoves

While many Morso stoves have a specific brand, there are also others that are standalone such as the 3600 series, 6100 series, insert stoves, 8100 series, 5400 series, S series and 7600 stoves that all offer a variety of different styles, heat output and efficiency.


When you take into account the full range of Morso stoves available, they really meet all the requirements of the vast majority of UK consumers. There are stoves at relatively low prices, stoves that offer relatively low heating power, attractive efficiency ratings and stoves for every room size. The company has also concentrated on DEFRA approval for a range of Morso stoves that are now starting to bear fruit in the UK as the government looks to increase the number of smoke-controlled areas.


Car insurance calculator – what you need

Such a calculator asks a number of questions; each answer will be used as a variable to make quotes and determine the premium fee. The questions can be divided into two main categories including vehicle-related and personal information. Some of the most common questions you see in the car insurance calculator are listed as follows:

1. What is your age or date of birth?

Age plays a role in the overall estimate. The insurance company considers very young and older high-risk drivers. The former group probably lacks experience, and there is a great possibility that young drivers break certain traffic laws, commit violations such as speeding, and so on. The latter group probably has some limitations in terms of vision, hearing and driving skills, which means the chance of getting involved in an accident also increases.

2. What is your profession?

The car insurance calculator uses the driver’s occupations to calculate the accident rate. There are statistics that suggest that certain professions such as doctors, realtors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and salesmen are considered stressful jobs. Insurance companies believe that stressful jobs affect the concentration of driving. Cal insurance calculator can determine higher insurance premium based on this factor.

3. What type of car do you drive?

The car model also affects insurance prices. The car insurance calculator can treat luxury cars as the more expensive assets to insure. In the event of accidents, vandalism or theft, it is likely that a luxury car will cost more to repair compared to its cheaper counterparts. Sports car with high top speed and fast acceleration is also quite risky to insure, so insurance companies usually charge more for such vehicles.

4. How many cars to insure?

The best thing is that the more cars that are in the same insurance, the more discounts you will probably get. The discount is based on package options, so you can be entitled to other discounts if you insure your house, health and life also with the same company.

5. What is your address?

The car insurance calculator uses your address to determine if you live in a particular area where the crime rate is considered high. You have to pay more to protect the car if you live in risky cities.

6. How many violations of your driving record?

Driving records are evidence where DMV lists all previous accidents in which you were involved, traffic violations and all tickets. Insurance companies use the information to determine if you are a low risk or high risk driver.