Air rifles for hunting in Mississippi


No matter whether it is a gun or grenade launcher with the World Bank, air pistol with a & # 39 is the main part of training shooting rifles for hunters of all ages. Not only that, in Mississippi has useful features for hunters to take their air rifles in the woods. With the rising cost and limited ammunition in recent years, these nice big tin pellets every day looks more and more attractive.

education authority

BB guns malamatornyya, but great for exploring shooting fundamentals (grip, sight alignment, control start-up) is cheap and in the comfort of your own home. Modern air rifles good quality in nature is much more accurate than most guns 22LR. Flight shooting nature naturally become uncomfortable due to poor quality control in the shooting of a bulk level of cartridges and use bullets in the heel. Compared even inexpensive molded pellets and BB more aerodynamic and, combined with a modern air rifle give stable performance.

Air guns are so popular for youth training in the basics of shooting, that the majority of training courses hunters set out in the state, use one of the mandatory protective composition. They are cheap to shoot, accurate and limited in range.

Pest Control

Especially in the winter there is always a problem with mice, rats and other small terrible pauses related to pests. A good rifle with a grenade launcher caliber 1777 can even take care of them without any problems. Be sure that you are performing local laws as well as in some cities in the state have a resolution on air pistol shooting in the city, but otherwise feel free. Use the basic rules of firearms safety in using the pellets as they can still cause injuries, shoot from the windows and tend to disturb the neighbors. For these kinds of pests, as well as birds of trouble, good quality, the average weight of the pellets with a stick (flat tip) to minimize the likelihood of over-penetration.

According to state laws, "all kinds of black birds, shepherds, starlings, crows, rooks and English Sparrow & # 39; Job can be killed without a permit, if the birds are going to commit or to make a retreat on the shade or ornamental trees or crops."

It is better to remember that lives in Mississippi a number of endangered species of bats, turtles and rare snakes, which are best avoided if you are unsure of the exact species.

little game

According to the rules MDFWP, hunting for all the small game (rabbits, squirrels, bubble-quail, raccoons, possum wool and porridge) is legitimate if carried out in the regular season by a licensed hunter.

While almost any gun or grenade rifle will take the animal size (mice, rats), as well as bird-pests, such as Sparrow & # 39; and you will need a powerful air gun that shoots from the pellets only after the will more.

These guns hunting levels start at about $ 59 and quickly go out quickly. To make sure that you have enough strong air gun, make sure that the rating FPS (feet per second) is for caliber 0.22 700+ or ​​950+ for a 1.11 caliber pistol. Pump Benjamin Sheridan and Powerline series for Daisy exposure may become new about 100 dollars. Slightly better rifles, such as the Gamo Big Cat and Crosman Vantage, worth US $ 30 more expensive, but offer significantly more performance. Moving on a scale «Ruger Air Magnums", the German guns the RWS, Hatsan, Sumatra and Manadery Benjamin, who are going for $ 400.

To hunt the rats in the trees and on the ears, which are looking for, look good quality, average weight domed pellets such as Crosman Premiere Light, RWS Superdome or JSB Exact. They can be very cheap, for example, 7.9 Grain Crosman Premier – about $ 25 per 1250 granules. Gamo has a new pellet of 0.36 grams of 177, which can penetrate into the rolled galvanized steel plate of 1.5 mm and to keep moving. Called "deadly", the pellet design with two bodies of ultra high ballistic coefficient greater penetration of the ends, stable flight path and polymer skirt. The cost of these pellets is about $ 20 100. With high class and a powerful air rifle possibly fatal shots at a distance of 50 yards.

If you go for Babati, raccoons and opossums, pellets or .22 caliber 25 of the most powerful air guns should be minimal.

With all the little games made from a pneumatic gun, be sure to get good, accurate shots in small 1-2 inch zone of destruction of your goals to ensure its decline. Head arrows – tend to live. If you can not hit a few times the size of Michel air rifle at 25 yards, practice until you can, before heading into the forest.

unpleasant animals

State Mississippi Visitor Messages LE6-3779 lists beaver, coyote, fox, nutria, skunk and wild pigs as a nuisance animal. Thus, hunting of animals permitted uncomfortable during daylight hours on private land without restriction gauge, which includes an air gun. While 1777/22 caliber weapons can take palekaty without any problems, go after some big games in this list can be problematic if you do not have a large air rifle.

Speaking of deer hunting and turkey with large air guns when he practiced in some states, now it is in the state of Mississippi. In 2007, the Alabama man took two deer, including a trophy 9 kropnuyu air rifle caliber 50.50 and one pellet of 200 grains. With such precedents, it is likely to be only a matter of time before in this state will be drawn white stud with a pneumatic gun.

Just be sure that you do not shoot the eye.